Best Self-Guided Tour

All from your phone

Explore with ease using a smart map, discovering hidden and popular spots on your own terms. Put on your headphones and let the adventure unfold, solo and stress-free.


Guiding yourself through the sightseings on the map


Hear the recorded audio while exploring the streets


Explore the sightseeings of the map with your friends and family all at the same time

Self Walking Tours

West Macedonia, Greece


24h self walking tour

48h self walking tour

Center Macedonia, Greece


24h self walking tour

48h self walking tour

About Us

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Story of Greestory

Welcome to Greestory! We don’t just offer tours. We create experiences that let you truly feel Greece’s history and culture. Greestory invites you to explore beyond the usual paths and discover the stories that shape this amazing country.

Our vision is to make travel easy and enriching. With our simple website, you can explore Greece at your own pace from your phone. Discover the heart of Greece and find hidden gems effortlessly.

What people say about us

I was looking for an affordable travel package. I came online to research thoroughly and I am lucky enough to find Greestory. They arranged a wonderful trip for me at an affordable price.

Zinder Whiteman

CEO, Marvely

Greestory is a super friendly travel agency. They provide everything you might need on the trip. I am grateful that they have made my vacation something to remember for a long time.

Kelly Wiliams

Director, Martly

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